2. Aug, 2015

J is in the house

We are flying as I speak to Cancun in Mexico. I had a great time in Madrid generally mooching about. I went to the archaeological museum which cost us nothing. I was free as I am an ancient relic and Paula was free because she is a professor! Brilliant museum with lots of Greek and Egyptian artefacts. Stone Age and Iron Age and apparently skeletons one and a half million years old. I didn't,know humans went back that far. Still working out how to kill each other in ever more inventive ways  - hey ho.

We also went to the Prado Gallery, which is stuffed with classical art up to the nineteenth century. They even have a Mona Lisa, yes there is more than one.

Madrid gets two thumbs up - easy to get around, good metro system and it's cheap too. Good eats and drinks. Our favourite venue to drink became the Hard Rock Cafe purely because the guys behind the bar were very entertaining, mixing up the cocktails, chucking stuff around juggling bottles and glasses.

Only hiccup was getting dropped at the wrong terminal five kilometres away, slight panic, lots of security at airport and as usual I got taking things through the scanner wrong and left things in my pockets so got properly frisked for my troubles. Hasta la vista matey peeps, see you next year - probably. 

I have discovered why everything in Spain takes a long time.its not tHe heat it's not the culture it's not the system it's not the politics or the left wing climate, it's the language. Work it out Spanish uses three times as many syllables as English! If only Europeans would give up their peculiar languages we would all speak English and understand each other - muy buen, no? 

JA Greenhalgh