Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paused for 21 seconds after being asked - ... we saw BLM protesters yesterday tear gassed to make way for a presidnential photo opportunity. I would like to ask you wht you think about that and if you don't want to comment, what message do you think you are sending? After which he answered  'we all watch in horror and consternation,'  He did not name or criticise the president. A senstive and charged answer deserves a calm and considered answer. What I heard was from a persident that lives and nurtures a society where people are encouraged to tolerate each other was to almost acknolwedge certainly offer some hope for the future, but lacked commitment to action. In Toronto the motto on the car registration it states diversity is our strength. There are social policies and practices in Toronoto that promote harmony and equality. Diversity is their strength the belief and practice of tolerance and respect are palpable. 

Cotham School, Bristol, released a letter to each pupil regarding its response to the BLM movement on the 9.6.20, reassuing its largely black and brown community - 

The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, pause for an incredible 20 seconds before answering a reporter’s question on what is happening in the USA right now.He paused for this long because he gave his answer a lot of careful thought before speaking. In his reply he drew attention to the problems that BAME people are facing in his own country and spoke passionately about addressing this. We think that this is important. Vital conversations need to be had around the experiences of BAME people in our country and in our city; only then will we see change.