Afua is spot on here. Constantly I find myself arguing my point that white privilege exists. It won't be the last time she will be called upon to outline our daily lived experiences as black people, most of which are so subtle and easily defensible when you live in a country where your life is cheaper because of the colour of your skin. Equally because she is the only black panel member who stands up for this she is the only one that the argument is TARGETTED. Why does she have to defend herself and her culture. The act that Danny Baker did was disgusting and inexcusable and probably should never have been debated in such a question - should he be sacked?!

My story - June 2019

After 28 interviews for roles I am more than qualfied and suitable for and no firm job offers, a stop and search in the Co-op in London, weekly racist acts, people refusing to use public services after me, the list is endless. Funnily enough I do not go around worrying about what I say will be taken the wrong way so why should Carol Malone? Simply because she doesn't understand or want to understand the world that she lives in. Why do they defend Danny Baker?