14. Nov, 2021

Justifying Racism is Akin to Wrongly Interpreting a Religious Text

Racism, is in my words racism, unfavourably responding to an event whilst in a position of power because of the colour of someone's skin colour or accent. When perpetrators justify their racist's response and they clearly do not want to be part of the 'racists club' is like them interpreting the Bible or the Torah or the Bible based on their reality and not on the intention of the religious text or the real meaning. They skew the picture to suit them. 

The bible, the Torah and the Quran are all texts that were to teach love and harmony not hate and fear. Yet too often people use them to detemine an untrue narrative and hide behind it demonstrating their value and worthiness whilst kicking others into the gutter. They may say that in Leviticus 18:22 though shalt not lie with mankind, like womankind, ... states that there is no space for homosequality and therefore condemn it, rather than listen to the meaning of this and that is the Bible is about love for all and to express that love in a way that causes no harm to anyone. They ignore the painful truth of the effects of racism or homephobia,  they are a protaganist of racism or homephobic or transgender stories that are based on their lived experiences which are rarely similar to those people who find themselves as the victims as a consequence of their words. However, the perpretrators  are in a perceived position of power, which as leaders we know we have to keep satisfied, otherwise, we, the victims, suffer more. This way, not having a platform of power in which to be heard and then the justice actioned, the racism, the homophobia and the misogyny are perpetuated and justified.