21. Jun, 2020

Critical Race Theories - Is it relevant now in summer 2020? #BLM

Claire offers an insightful view on why analysing CRT is as pertinent now as it was in 1954, when the term interest convergence was first used to better understand the impact of the international civil rights movement.

'Bell suggests that, at that time, elite white interest and the interests of Black Americans had for a time had ‘converged.’ Conflicts of interest for the establishment had, momentarily, been removed. It was revealed later through the release of government papers (Delgado, 2012), the American government had been afraid that post -war in Korea with African American soldiers fighting in uniform to uphold national values and after selling the American brand of ‘equality’ throughout the world, America couldn’t be seen to have domestic unrest and resistance should the government seek to continue to enforce segregation. The conflict of interest was removed and suddenly schools were, after decades of struggle, desegregated. '