22. Oct, 2015

Haircut 100 by JG

Photos of me  and Paula in SA https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10208222157579754&type=1&l=b27594ff72


I have had four haircuts since leaving home

Cut no 1 in Madrid pleasant Turkish gentleman no dramas

Cut no 2 in Quito very nice Ecuadorian local lady clamped my head in a grip of iron as she merrily mowed my bonce as the world walked by with mild curiosity

Cut no 3 The underpass beneath 19th July Avenue (the widest avenue in the world).Pleasant older gentleman with very soft hands and the need to please himself more than his customers! 

Cut no 4 Downtown Sea Point Cape Town - unisex salon, with the emphasis on uni. Pleasant local gay black gentleman. Very gentle I thought. Spent a lot of time trimming the beard and criticising the Argentinian hairdressing standards. The final frontier was the removal of my nostril hair with hot wax. Tweak after tweak was painful as he demonstrated his skills learnt in the backyards of the townships on my delicate and, what I thought was, necessary nose fluff. The final torture was the removal of a blob of wax stuck in my moustache with a pair of non empathetic and very manly pliers! Ouch! Was about all I had left inside me.