11. Apr, 2019

Dying in Today's World

After attending a lecture I wrote this blog. I offer the reader an insight into my understanding of it - naturally I have sensationalised and over-exaggerated Chinese Whispers style and offered some of my own reflections and relationship with death.

In the 50 years since the hospice movement started, lessons from research have revolutionised care of the dying in the UK and in many places around the world. Yet the cruel myth that opioids shorten the lives of those with severe pain from cancer and other diseases leaves many denied the treatment they deserve. Those watching the person they love die carry the memory for the rest of their lives.

The concept of a ‘good death’, and how it can be achieved will be discussed, including the importance of open conversations with children being bereaved. Discussion will also tackle some of the issues around physician- assisted suicide and euthanasia.