11. Aug, 2015

The master of all things knows best

what has been going on back home? is camilla batman garish still saving the poor victorian waifs from the evil society?

has saint jeremy of corbyn re opened the coalmines and made all train fares free?

is the good old london tube running as smoothly as before?

is there still jam and scones for tea?

are the holiday makers from calais able to get on the trains yet?

oh to be in england - actually its quite nice here - from my window i can see the azure waters of the carribean as it washes tons of seaweed up on the silver sands. and the mosquitoes are a biting - but they only seem to go for Paula!

pelicans flying by diving like stukas among the sea bathers - the psychology of sea bathing remains - the p is still silent.

the wine here is truly terrible but other than that life is jolly pleasant.we leave at daybreak for costa rica - where our fellow monkeys are still living in the trees - cant wait!