14. Dec, 2018

My Top 10 Teacher Experiences in First 5 Years

Reading David Carter’s tweet Dec 2018 ‘My 10 teacher experiences in first 5 years. 1-be coached 2-be a coach 3-take an assembly 4-lead a CPD experience 5-visit 10 different schools 6-become a governor 7-write a blog 8-lead a research project 9-start a masters 10-persuade someone to become a teacher’. 

I was inspired to write mine  - it is not a tick box exercise, but a way to consider living your role and values  - it would naturally change over time, but in early 2019 this is what I think!

Mine is  - My leadership experiences within 5 years

10 - use social media to be evangelical about your passions

- spur others into physical activity - a love of watching it or doing it or both

8 - demonstrate that you can effectively perform your role in a different way with a strong focus on serving the community and being true to your values

7 – be coached

6 – coach other aspiring leaders

5 – keep a reflective diary

4 – ensure that your leadership is about how you make people feel and when giving difficult messages to people ensure they do not feel undermined or undervalued or compromised

3 – lead and inspire action research projects which lead to self-improvement or positive organisational change across more than 3 schools

2 - teach or teach and live overseas

1 – lobby leaders in or of education with suggestions for positive change using evidenced based learning, experiences and theories.