Living Theories Poster III

What have I been doing to develop my knowledge and how my values are lived. I do go through the videos quickly, but they are all below plus a couple of bonus ones that have informed my thinking this month. Enjoy! Any feedback is welcome to enable us to improve outcomes for all Love Love Paula

Samuel is the First to be EATEN!

What does this tell you about how the movie industry values popular black actors - yes I know maybe it was a decision made by SLJ, but this happens too often in films - kill the black one first!

Full Movie - E'Lollipop - a South African Film about hope, rejection, rule breaking, love and forgiveness

"Father, the child cannot be staying here - this is a black mission."

Elizabeth Anionwu - presents her story, which she was inspired to write because of Philomena Lee

Racism in Football

John Barnes offers a solution to tackle racism

A hero for everyone but especially 30 somethings - our next generation - Linford Christie paved the way despite it being full of obstacles

Linford is an inspiration to millions - he had many hands helping him to get over the unnecessary obstacles, but he did it with such good grace. I love him more than ever for what he teaches us.

I'm Not a Racist! How many times do I have to hear this when I know it is a lie?

I have no words. Afua says them all for me.